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About us

The LOLI story

As a marketer at the best beauty companies in the world for over two decades, I spent countless hours in the labs, decoding how the science works, collaborating with chemists and meeting the top tier of biotech researchers–all in the quest to find THE magic beauty bullet for marquée name cosmetics brands. Chances are you have at least one beauty product I helped develop in your bathroom cabinet or makeup bag.

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My personal beauty and wellness journey began ten years ago, when the combination of stress and jet-lag were wreaking havoc on my psyche. That stress, along with years of slathering chemical-laden lab samples all over my body while testing new beauty products, had also wreaked havoc on my skin, hair and nails.

As I dove into beauty and wellness research, I found a lot of useful information, products and guidance—from Reiki, meditation, aura cleansing and color therapy to aromatherapy, herbology, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Add in more than a few mantras, angel readings, acupuncture needles, Korean scrubs and distasteful teas & tinctures, and I now was officially on an alternative, global, holistic ritual-driven beauty track.

My desire to look polished and youthful topped my list of wants. What didn’t I want in my beauty and wellness solutions? Long lists of unrecognizable ingredients. But nowhere could I see trustworthy and soul-calming advice to help me reach my goal of Beauty Happiness—the ultimate balance of mind + body + heart + soul = beauty—so I resorted to cobbling together my own personal recipes from oils, soaks, tinctures, salves, teas, teachers and experts in global integrative solutions, gathered from forays to Mott Street and Saint Marks Place in New York City, all the
way to India.

I still find myself spending my weekends tossing marquée-name miracle crèmes from my medicine cabinet that I myself helped develop, motivated by an urge to personalize my own beauty rituals and go back to my Cuban great-grandmother’s beauty recipes—using effective, pure and potent food grade beauty ingredients. So where do I go to buy the ingredients? The food shelves of natural food stores.

All of this questing, searching and slathering—and one major “light bulb” moment—has led me to create LOLI™. I was advising a start-up brand in the face oil category, and sipping on a $12 juice smoothie while staring at the olive oil casks at a retail outpost in Chelsea Markets. All of a sudden, it hit me: I knew right then and there that my mission was to launch a kitchen for beauty-crafting, one where it would be easy for you to discover, enjoy and share beauty ingredients, recipes and rituals at home and online with a community of fellow beauty-blenders.

Living. Organic. Loving. Ingredients.
LOLI™, for short.

Joining me in the LOLI™ kitchen around the beauty-crafting table are the best in class experts in aromatherapy, dermatology, beauty editorial, organic produce sourcing, retail, digital and brand experience. Our dream is for LOLI™ to be your recipe for beauty. Un-bottled. And along the journey we hope you find beauty in happiness—what we define as your Beauty Happiness Index™ or “BHI”—while you make valuable connections with other
like-minded beauties.

“Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.”

– Christian Dior

Cheers to your own beauty happiness from the LOLI™ kitchen,

Tina Hedges

Chief Recipe Keeper

Our commitment

As your go-to kitchen for beauty’s “living organic loving ingredients” we make sure we always
deliver on:


Intention, integrity and quality
is the basis of 
everything we create.


We deconstruct beauty, breaking it down to the basics and removing anything that is unnecessary, like extra packaging.


Beauty is a living process, so our products are natural and
ethically handpicked, poured and blended.


Every person’s beauty is unique, so we offer ingredients that will inspire you to personalize.


In order to do our small part for you and the environment, we are honest about our decisions and considerate about our choices. Beauty and wellness should come from the purest,
most loving place.

LOLI cares

LOLI Cares

Un-Packaging Beauty

Un-bottling beauty means we remove what you don't need—extra branding, packaging and marketing—to give you only what you do need to personalize your own beauty rituals.

We ethically source our beauty ingredients—buying local, wild harvested garden-to-beauty ingredients wherever possible and organically grown, USDA, EcoCert or food grade certified 
where it matters.

As responsible kitchen beauty-crafters, we keep our packaging to a minimum and are considerate in our choices. We buy re-purposed materials and don’t silk screen on the bottles—so recycling is easier. Our LOLI™ beauty parcel box, sourced from a Bureau Veritas certified supplier (for their compliance with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard in Accordance with SFI 2010:2014, Section 3—Chain of Custody Standard) is made of primarily renewable raw material and 43% recycled content; manufactured with over 60% renewable energy (biofuels); and recovers 78% of its end product through recycling... the highest level among all packaging materials. The paper comes from suppliers that are certified by either the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) who have helped increase the amount of standing timber in the US by 39% since 1952, and the inks are water-based.

Sharing Beauty

The Mexican Tarahumara Indians have a custom called "kórima" which implies an obligation to distribute wealth for the benefit of everyone. At LOLI™ we are embracing "kórima” with every LOLI™ beauty parcel to help support the women and children who are fighting for basic rights—freedom from sexual trade and access to food, water and education. By sourcing from a Fair Trade Organization in support of a women’s collective and donating $1.00 per parcel to charity we are doing our small part to help preserve our global kitchens
of beauty rituals, recipes 
and communities.